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31. August 2021

Statement regarding the player Ron ''V3nom'' S.

13th. October 2021

31. August 2021

SWH Gaming launches its new 2021 Jersey in collaboration with

With the eBattle LAN coming up we're happy to be able to launch our first shop in collaboration with XOOSE. 

Visit our shop here.

1st  October 2021

31. August 2021

SWH Gaming attending eBattle Circus LAN at Wächtersbach, Germany

With the acquisition of our latest player we're finally able to officially announce that the #SwHR6 will be attending at the eBattle Circus R6 LAN from the 13th-14th Nov. at Wächtersbach, Germany! 

We're ready... are you?

20th  September 2021

31. August 2021

RON ''V3nom'' S. joins as latest fifth.

We're happy to finally announce our 5th player to our R6-team. Give a warm welcome to Ron ''V3nom'' S. who will be joining our R6 main team! Ron joins us from the experienced GSA-team from GC Esports. With previous showings at the Ascension League S1, Ron brings experience and knowledge to the team. 

Welcome, Ron!

18th  September 2021

31. August 2021

SWH Gaming announces new R6 roster.

With the acquisition of the ex-WeSports Rainbow Six: Siege roster, we are happy to be able to make our first step back into esports with this incredibly talented line up of player and staff in a game that is consistently gaining new fans. With Talha ''Fr0xXy'' Y., Yasin ''Yazzen'' Y., Eddie ''Edinovic'' R. and David ''Skadi'' W. we were able to mix fresh talent with reliable experience while having the strategic coaching support of Jeremy ''jDK'' N. and a very talented backup player in case of emergencies in Vincent ''ElektriX'' H.. As the main line-up is still missing one player, you can be assured that the announcement of our fifth is in the plannings.

Welcome guys and stay tuned for updates on Twitter and Instagram regarding our fifth.

31st  August  2021


Get to know all of our team's staff and players!

Talha ''Fr0xXy'' Y.

Support, IGL & Team Captain

Yasin ''Yazzen'' Y.

2nd Entry & Shot-Caller

Eddie ''Edinovic'' R.

1st Entry

David ''Skadi'' W.


Vincent ''ElektriX'' H.


Jeremy ''jDK'' N.

Strategic Coach

Coming soon...

Coming soon...


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